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Vend Pune Scala/Erlang developers in Stockholm for Klarna and Spotify

Tema tek 'Oferta dhe vende të lira pune' e hapur nga Taboo, 8 Tetor 2019.

  1. Taboo

    Taboo Anëtar Aktiv

    Pikë nga trofetë:
    Tung djema,

    ALTEN Sweden selia ne Stockholm po kerkon Scala/Erlang developers per klientin KLARNA.
    Gjithashtu edhe developers qe kane pervoje me function programming languages per klientin SPOTIFY.

    Me poshte e keni pershkrimin e plote

    Spotify is looking for those who have skills with functional programming languages too.

    Ever wondered why banking is so customer unfriendly? The UX is a nightmare, modern features with quick logins and integrations seem non-existent. Feature rollouts take months and that’s just not smooth.
    At Klarna we aim to fix that. We want to create a banking offer that is both a pleasure to use as a consumer and one that you as a developer can use for your Fintech startup. Starting a new bank? Use our platform. Want to launch your own credit card? Use our platform. We do all the heavy lifting for you, providing a secure and compliant set of APIs which allow developers to focus on adding value through building their own financial products and services
    By being based on a modern architecture in the cloud, utilizing tools such as Erlang, Scala, Clojure, and Haskell, combined with a serverless architecture -- we will deliver on that expectation.
    We're expanding several of our financial platform engineering teams; We're always adding functionality into our payment processing systems and products and we're in the process of building a modern banking platform.

    What you’ll do
    • Own your services end to end. Decide how best to build, test, deploy and monitor.
    • Work with large scale, highly available and resilient modern financial systems.
    • Be an integral part of a team, in addition to its culture and ways of working. Common practices include agile methodologies, pair and mob programming.
    • Work with automated deployment enabling code release multiple times a day.
    • Succeed, fail, and learn together with other talented people. We believe in an environment that provides an opportunity for growth and see education as an outcome of failure that gets us closer to the next breakthrough.
    • Work with modern tools and languages that excite you.
    • Functional programming languages including Erlang, Scala (type-level stack)
    • (Clojure and JVM tooling)

    We are also utilizing:
    • Mnesia, and a range of OTP tools.
    • Kafka, Serverless, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, LevelDB.
    • Prometheus, Splunk, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes.

    What we offer:
    • We Sponsor Visa; we are certified towards the Swedish migration board = quicker processes with our own legal department handling everything.
    • We pay your flights to come here, 1 week at a hotel to get settled in.
    • 25 days of paid vacation + 7 days that is automatically fixed in between public holidays around Christmas and New Years.
    • We have intense private Swedish courses in our office.

    Worth to add is that bringing family or wife/husband is usually no problem.

    You can send your CV to [email protected]
    Looking forward to your application!
    bofy pëlqen postimin.

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