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Mid to Senior Developers, Architects and DevOPS ne Stockholm

Tema tek 'Oferta dhe vende të lira pune' e hapur nga Taboo, 24 Qershor 2019.

  1. Taboo

    Taboo Anëtar Aktiv

    Pikë nga trofetë:
    Kompania ALTEN Sweden, selia ne Stockholm, po kerkon developers. Me poshte e keni nje pershkrim se qfar profile jon tu kerku.

    Nese mendoni qe profili juaj pershtatet me kerkesat e tyne, CV-te tuaja mund ti dergoni tek: [email protected]

    Are you passionate about trying new things? Would you like to be a part of a dynamic environment where you can build on to your previous experiences? Would you consider yourself to be creative when solving problem? Then you are right for us! With a broad spectrum of clients and industries we will make sure you are always in a project you find challenging and exiting!
    ALTEN is a global IT- and technology and consultancy company with 34 000 employees with Europe as the main market. We belong to ALTEN Sweden and our office and consultant assignments are located in Stockholm – the Swedish capital that is quite a tech hub with a lot of cool startups and big international companies. Read more at: www.alten.se.
    Our consultant works at big clients site such as: Scania, Volvo, Ericsson, H&M, Tobii, Tele2, Klarna, Nasdaq, Spotify just to mention a few. The project are within cutting edge technologies and it is common to work with autonomous vehicles, ioT or online streaming.
    We recruit both from Sweden and all over the world – it does not matter where you are from as long as you are technically skilled and have good communication skills (fluent in English is a must). Our developers come from all over the world which has created a fun and dynamic work environment.

    Profiles we are looking for:
    · Minimum of 3 + years of professional experience working as a developer, DevOps or Solutions Architect.
    · .Net or/and Java is our main competences but Python and Go-lang is also interesting
    · New frameworks: .Net Core, Spring Framework, React/Redux, Vue.js, Node.js
    · Experience from cloud technologies such as AWS, Azure or GCP
    · Testing your code, writing unit test or even work according to TDD
    · Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins etc.
    · Experience from microservises/Serverless architecture is a big +

    What we offer:
    · We Sponsor Visa; we are certified towards the Swedish migration board = quicker processes with our own legal department handling everything.
    · We pay your flights to come here, 1 week at a hotel to get settled in.
    · 25 days of paid vacation + 7 days that is automatically fixed in between public holidays around Christmas and New Years.
    · We have intense private Swedish courses in our office.

    Worth to add is that bringing family or wife/husband is usually no problem.

    Looking forward to your application!
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